Orlebar Brown

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Orlebar Brown believes holidays are the very best time with family, friends, and loved ones. They create those special memories, enable us to see wonderful places never travelled to before. Expand the mind. Relax the body. Release the soul. Open doors. Feel Good. Holidays enable us to meet amazing new people. Allow us to experience remarkable different cultures. Taste new ideas. Hear new rhythms. Touch new passions. Improve our health and mental wellbeing. Celebrate time. Holidays are the canvas for stories to be painted and remembered.

The idea for Orlebar Brown came on holiday. Our shorts were first developed, trialled, and tested on holiday. Our products are for holidays. Our clothes carry the memories from holidays. The moment an O.B drawstring bag goes into a suitcase the holiday has begun. Every O.B product is developed with a better holiday in mind. O.B makes holidays better.

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