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As one of the leading international companies operating in the luxury goods sector, Kiton is the excellence of Italian tailoring fashion for Men and for Women. Founded by Ciro Paone in Naples in 1968, the company celebrates its preeminent role with the motto “the best of the best + 1”. Kiton’s timeless elegance comes from the care, passion and excellence used to create each handmade garment. A needle and thread are the tools used by the skilled tailors as they create unique products enlivened by the highest quality fabrics, such as pure vicuña yarn, cashmere, wools, linens and precious silks. Sustainability remains central, which is hardly surprising given Kiton’s long-standing dedication to fabric research and development. The company-owned woolen mill in Biella sees ongoing experimentation with raw materials, resulting in the creation of patterns, mixtures, textiles and fibers that are as innovative as they are environmentally friendly. As a consequence, garments retain their superior quality over time and can be passed onto the next generation like heirlooms. Proud of its School of Advanced tailoring, five manufacturing sites in Italy, about 800 employees of whom over half are artisans, Kiton has achieved constant growth consolidating the Brand notoriety in 73 countries, with a retail distribution of over 50 boutiques.

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