Celebrity hairstylist Paul Labrecque is looking forward to making Palm Beach his second home.

He opened a salon on the island last year and visits once a month when he’s not working at his New York or Philadelphia salons. Yet, he finds himself wanting to stay longer near the oceanside.

A self-proclaimed lover of Palm Beach, Labrecque will be having his first full season on the island. He couldn’t wait to open his fourth salon (there are two in New York City) Feb. 24 at the Royal Poinciana Plaza. The salon focuses on more than just hair; it also offers nail and skin care, massage, hair-removal and makeup services. All accompanied by a drink of choice, of course.

The famed hairstylist looks forward to styling brides and belles for the many upcoming season events. And as a bonus this year, makeup artist Troy Surratt is launching his beauty line Surratt Beauty in the shop. Surratt is making waves in the beauty industry with his Japanese-inspired makeup line. He will likely make a special appearance at the launching event and work his magic in-store sometime in early 2019.

Labrecque is excited to begin this season in sunny Palm Beach, so he took some time to give us a heads-up on upcoming trends and a few tricks to pull them off.