Fashion United: Kirna Zabête at 20, a rare luxury boutique success story

Fashion United September 24, 2019

So how do brick and mortar luxury boutiques not only reach the 20 year mark but grow beyond? Fashion United put this question to Kirna Zabête owner and founder, Beth Buccini.

The story of a luxury boutique’s longevity

“I honestly don’t know what the secret is,” she said. “I find it so hard to believe that it’s been 20 years, but I think you have to be relentless and you really have to know your customer and pay attention to what people are wearing on the street and what people really want to wear. I’ve always said from day one, and we’ve kept that mission, to have the best edit and the most important designers of today and tomorrow. So much of what I do is discovery. I love finding all these great new designers and building up these businesses but also having exceptional customer service.”

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