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Boss-Lady Spotlight: Stacey Bendet

Mar 22 - Mar 31 Alice + Olivia

If you follow alice + olivia or Stacey Bendet already on Instagram, you’re probably equally as impressed with her body-bending yoga moves as you are with her vibrant clothing designs.  If you follow her, you probably also wish you were part of her inner-circle!  She emotes BOSS vibes, hangs with the playfully irreverent Jenny Mollen, and isn’t afraid to lead the charge in advocating for social issues she cares deeply about. If for some reason you don’t already follow Stacey or A+O on any social platforms, now is the time Royals!  You’re welcome in advance.

Stacey, a New York native, founded alice + olivia in 2002 with the quest to create the perfect pair of pants. The brand was an immediate success, and shortly after its launch, Theory founder Andrew Rosen joined as a partner. Stacey pulls inspiration from her love of vintage and all things feminine to design clothing that juxtaposes the whimsical and flirty with the sexy and sophisticated. Ornamented fabrics, colorful prints and ultra-flattering fits provide today’s modern women with options for every day and every occasion. The company has grown into a full contemporary lifestyle brand, including ready-to-wear, gowns, shoes, handbags, accessories, and eyewear. Stacey consciously operates A+O as a company that is run by women, for women…and well, we feel empowered.

In May of 2020, Stacey founded Creatively – a networking platform to help people in creative industries connect and find job opportunities. Additionally, she is the co-founder of the #ShareTheMicNow movement, which was created in an effort to help amplify black women’s voices. With these more recent endeavors, along with her roles as CEO and Creative Director for alice + olivia, Stacey is also a wife and mother of three daughters who makes philanthropic efforts a priority in her personal and professional activities.


In spotlighting our female business owners for our month-long celebration of International Women’s Day, we had the opportunity to ask Stacey a few questions! Read on Royals…


What advice would you give your 15 year-old self?
“Be your authentic self! Work hard, be kind, and always inspire.”
Could you share three women who inspire you personally?
“Kamala Harris, Sheryl Sandberg, Bozoma St. John.”
We absolutely loved your collaboration with The Beatles!  What is your favorite musical artist or soundtrack?
“I am always inspired by music, by lyrics, by rock and roll in general, and a few years ago I also collaborated with the Grateful Dead! I like Lizzo, I love The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Cardi B…. My music taste is really diverse!”
How would you define yourself in three words?
“Creative, Colorful, and Mom-Boss!”


Stacey Bendet is definitely not like a regular mom….she’s the coolest of cool moms!