Quest Magazine: “Palm Beach Bellies Up To the Bar”

Quest Magazine April 1, 2018

Restaurants are like cars – their novelty eventually wears off as quickly as the evocative “new car smell,” and they become part of one’s everyday existence or heaven forbid lemony failures. The junkyard gets fuller with each passing season, what with today’s farm-to-table, nose-to-tail bushels-of-kale insistence becoming ubiquitous as yesterday’s sweet potatoes fries. But every so often, an instant classic is born – one that is destined to withstand the rest of capricious diners. Such as Honor Bar, which is surprising given that Palm Beach’s most enduring returns lean toward the traditional and almost uniformly serve Dover Sole. Honor Bar does not. Regardless, in high season, it’s jam-packed with a lively mix of stereotypical Palm Beachers in cashmere sweaters and velvet slippers, tourist, retirees, Lotharios, and very pretty young people who actually live and work in America’s storied tropical paradise, along with the occasional Real Housewife.