At The Royal Poinciana Plaza

The Grand Tour presents Dada Daily and The Fine Art of Snacking

Nov 19 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm The Grand Tour by Caroline Rafferty

The Grand Tour by Caroline Rafferty is excited to welcome Claire Olshan, creator of Dada, the Daily lifestyle brand of mindfully-crafted, artistically-inspired, decadently delicious, guilt-free snacks November 19. Join Claire as she will be on hand to meet store guests from 1:00 p.m. till 4:00 p.m. At 2:00 p.m., interior designer, Caroline Rafferty, co-owner of The Grand Tour and Ms. Olshan will have a discussion, “When Wellness Meets Design: Guilt-Free Snacking in Good Taste,” followed by an interactive demonstration as Ms. Olshan brings a blank, table-scape canvas to life with edible Dada snack elements, whimsically incorporated to delight and entertain.

The founder of the famed Fivestory fashion boutique in New York, Ms. Olshan has always had an eye and taste for all things aesthetic. In the culinary category, Dada Daily is Ms. Olshan’s functional snack food company that takes inspiration from the Dada/Surrealist movement.

Just as Dada aimed to free the imagination and bring playfulness and humor back into art, Dada Daily takes the same approach to snacking — eliminating the guilt and putting the joy back into noshing on healthy, vegan, gluten-free treats that include Cheesy Cauliflower Popcorn Florets, and Crispy Almond Butter Brussel Sprouts, and Assorted Chocolate and Matcha Latte Truffles.

In South Florida, Dada Daily grab-and-go snacks will be exclusively available at The Grand Tour by Caroline Rafferty.

For more information, call 561.660.7885